I've joined the Scantraxx family!

By Diana Deetox

I've joined the Scantraxx family!

I am so thrilled about this next step in my career!

After releasing at my own label ‘Bring The Riot’ for some years I felt I wanted to take my music a step further. The talks I had with Scantraxx instantly gave me a good feeling so I decided to join them and release my upcoming music at their label.

Scantraxx is a great label and is one of the high rollers within the hardstyle scene for years now. They welcomed me with open arms and to me it felt like a great next step to pursue my musical journey

Together we already planned a few releases for this year, so there will be more news soon!

What do you think of this step? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I’m very excited for the future!

X Deetox